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  1. Hi Sheila, my name is Stacey Ingram and you were friends with my late brother Dr. Billy G. Ingram.

    I just watched your Unsung story and I’ve always been a fan of yours for ever. While watching the interview, I learned about your foundation for Foster Kids. I have an eight year old foster son who I am in the process of becoming his Legal Guardian after caring for him for four years. His name is Malachi and he is musically talented and I do use his love of music as a tool for healing. I wanted to know how I go about getting him involved in your foundation? He wakes up every morning singing, beating on something, B Boxing (I think that’s what he says he doing). I know this would help him to heal and build his self esteem and give him hope. He’s been through a lot.

    I look forward to hearing from you and I praise God that you recovered from your issues with your body.

    Thank you!

    Stacey Ingram
    An Advocating Foster Mom

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