Sheila E. – ICON LP (Autographed) US version


As the musical version of Sheila E.’s life and career story, Icon is infused with colorful blends of the pop, R&B, funk, rock, Latin and jazz influences that shaped her signature style. Hand in hand with her autobiography, The Beat of My Own Drum, the album tells the story of Sheila E.’s life—the ups and downs and everything in between. Get an intimate feel for Sheila E.’s world through this eclectic mix of songs. You’ll feel why Sheila E.’s expansive music talents—from her vocal range to her expertise on the drums—are unlike any other.

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Sheila E. – ICON LP (Autographed) US version

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1. “Butterfly (Interlude)”
2. “Mona Lisa (featuring Gisa Vatcky and Lucia Parker)”
3. “Lovely Day”
4. “I’ll Give You That”
5. “Rockstar (featuring Bobby G.)”
6. “Samba (Interlude)”
7. “Nasty Thang (featuring MC Lyte)”
8. “Leader of The Band (featuring The E. Family, and Prince)”
9. “Turn It Around (Interlude)”
10. “Girl Like Me (featuring Ledisi)”
11. “Who I Am Now”
12. “Old Skool (featuring Eddie M, J.A.i., Tha Profit)”
13. “Now Is The Hour (Interlude) (featuring Moms Escovedo)”


  1. Spaceship Flip (verified owner)

    Thanks for such great art. Keep on doing it, please. Inspiring words in the liner notes. Impeccably recorded and mixed-a joy to listen to in Hi-Fi! Old skool dynamic range-nothing sounds fake. Thanks again ///O-O\\\ Give peace a chance~JUST SAY YES.

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