Girl Meets Boy



  1. Lisa Diaz

    I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS #BEAUTIFUL!!!!! Sheila thank you for showing us your raw pain in what you have lost, as fans we feel a pain and a loss for what we will never hear again we morn for the loss of a EXTREMELY TALENTED ARTIST, You morn for the loss of a BEAUTIFUL MAN & FRIEND!!!! YET WE ALL FEEL THE PAIN & LOSS OF HIS PRESENCE!!!!!!

  2. Paul neal

    Great music. I love tou

  3. Maritza salinas


  4. Maritza salinas

    Amazing and she is too great for words

  5. Tiffany

    Beautiful song

  6. Susan albertel

    5 star

  7. Stacey Epps

    Gives me chills hearing you sing this. Simply beautiful !❤️

  8. Sharyn Grant

    Saw you preform in New Havens

  9. Sharyn Grant

    Love this song

  10. Susan albertel

    It is a awesome songs

  11. Yvonne


  12. Richard Moll

    Great job on the green tonite!

  13. Stacey Epps

    Simply beautiful !❤️ Prayers for you.

  14. Nichelle mccoy


  15. Nichelle mccoy


  16. Tina

    Sang at new haven concert tonight, created 1 week after loss of prince. Beautiful song. Always a fan.

  17. Tina

    Awesome.performance in new haven tonight. Love it

  18. Reginald Wilder

    Heard it last night at a concert on the green in New Haven, Connecticut. Amazing!

  19. Lenore Lopez


  20. RONALD FLORY (verified owner)

    A very passionate and loving tribute song that tells the story of her Prince!. I loved it, and thank you for giving it to download to hear it and let us remember your love for him as we all loved him and miss him and mourn the loss of one of the greatest artist of them all!, and his name is ( PRINCE ) and love you as well!. May God comfort you in your time of need and let you know that your Prince is with you always looking down on you and by your side jamming with you!. Peace!. O ( + > R.I.P. PURPLE ONE < + ) O

  21. Toni Beasley


  22. Tasa Moore

    I love it ! It is very beautiful song

  23. Racquel German

    I love it GREAT

  24. Mark

    Beautiful. Always nice music.

  25. Lisa Carson (verified owner)

    I love Sheila E ! Boy meets Girl is so heartfelt. RIP my sweet Prince . The world will never be the same! ????

  26. Sylvia Love Rangel


  27. Sylvia Love Rangel

    Thank u!

  28. Theolia Jones

    Love ❤️ it

  29. LPesce

    Luv it!

  30. LPesce (verified owner)


  31. Marcellus Muse


  32. Patricia Ward


  33. Milko Nieuwenhuizen

    Can’t hold it dry whenever i listen to this heartfelt ballad as a tribute 2 Prince. Thank u so much.

  34. Shannon Perry (verified owner)

    We will all jam again in time n space! Love along the wire!

  35. Yvonda Robinson (verified owner)

    I’m so so so happy that Prince became one of Jehovah’s Witness’s. Now he is resting in peace, and in Jehovah God’s memory, awaiting the great resurrection. Jehovah God will give his only begotten son Christ Jesus the power to resurrect the dead. The Good – to a resurrection to Life.
    The Bad – to a resurrection of Judgment.

  36. Beaterfys

    One of the most skilled calligraphers

  37. Robb Owsley

    I love Sheila, I would love to meet her someday ????

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